Billet World are a small but responsive company that aims to provide the best in billet machining services

From a one off bespoke piece to large production runs, billet world can accommodate all your billet machining needs

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Component Manufacture

Billet World Ltd have a wealth of experience in machining batches of new and replacement billet parts for industry and leisure. We have a broad knowledge of what’s possible and what’s required to make the finest, most robust parts on the market today.

We have recently acquired an XYZ LPM and a XYZ PROTURN SLX Lathe, so that we can increase productivity at Billet World Ltd. Having previously manufactured CNC machined parts for a wide range of applications from Motorsport to the food manufacturing industry, it is Billet Worlds goal to become a trusted innovator in the world of precision machined billet components.

Billet World Ltd are able to handle large volumes of components in a flexible and time conscious manner.

Billet World – Billet when you need it.

Custom and Bespoke Components

For many year Dean Ryde has been involved in the manufacture of difficult to source, custom and bespoke parts for a wide range of applications.

Billet World Ltd are able to manufacture the most intricate of parts to your specification. We can replicate parts that have gone out of production, design and machine parts from drawings and make good things like cylinder heads.

We also carry stock of popular parts for the Yamaha RD350 and manufacture parts for many different makes and model of motorcycle and sidecar.

Billet World Ltd are proud to serve a large number of customers from the world of Motorsport who come to us seeking a competitive advantage. Billet worlds bespoke parts can help you reach your competitive goals.

We are also here to help when parts become damaged or need to be replaced, whatever the reason.



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